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Schools and colleges

If you’re looking to make your school, or college more LGBTQ+ inclusive we can help.

Porchlight runs The BeYou Project because sadly many LGBTQ+ young people are isolated from their family and the community they grew up in. By putting the right support in place, we can ensure they feel included, have positive mental health and a bright future.

We can support your LGBTQ+ students, providing the information and support they might need.

And if you’re looking to make your school or college more LGBTQ+ inclusive, we can help.

BeYou strives to promote allyship, helping to create environments where everyone can be themselves.

Our staff deliver allyship education in schools across Kent and Medway. This training gives teachers and students the tools to better support LGBTQ+ people in their lives, increasing understanding and helping to promote greater inclusion.


For schools, colleges or other organisations

As well as offering our meet-ups for young people, we can also work closely with other agencies, schools, colleges and youth groups, delivering training on how to overcome unintended barriers and create LGBTQ-friendly environments.

If you would like to know more about this email us below.

Support for pupils

We offer a range of support services for LGBTQ+ young people. Referring someone is simple.

  • BeYou meet-ups are safe spaces where 13 to 17-year-olds can socialise with peers. Our staff are also there to offer guidance around exploring identity, coming out and family relationships.
  • We run virtual meet-ups for those who are unable to attend or don’t feel confident enough. Some are specifically for people aged 18-25.
  • One to one support sessions are available with our experienced LGBTQ+ youth support workers. They may take place at a youth centre, online or in the community.

Referring a young person

Young people aged 13+ do not need consent from parents or carers but will have to be referred by a member of school staff or other professional. We don’t ask for parental or carer consent as a safeguarding measure because the young person may not be ‘out’ at home.