Quick Exit

Help and advice

Our guides are designed to help you understand what you’re feeling, and to give you practical advice about decisions or changes you might be getting ready to make in your life.

We’ll be adding more advice to this section as time goes on, for you and the people in your life who want to support you.

Here are our current guides:

  • Coming out. What does coming out mean and why might you want to do it? Read this page for info and to get advice about things to consider if you want to come out.
  • Sex and sexual health. It can be really hard to find reliable info about LGBTQ+ sex and sexual health – read this page for advice, guidance and resources you can trust.
  • Staying safe. Want some advice to help you look after yourself? For tips about safety online and offline, read more here.
  • Info for parents, carers and friends. How can you be supportive to a young person who is LGBTQ+? Find out how to be there for people you care about.

If you need more advice or support, head to our resources page.

Refer someone to The BeYou Project

If you’re a teacher or professional and you want to refer a young person to The BeYou Project, please fill out our referral form (instructions on how to submit this are at the end of the document).

Please note: you only need to complete a referral form if the young person in question has specific needs or risks we need to know about, or if you are requesting 1-to-1 support for them. Otherwise, you can simply direct a young person to attend their nearest BeYou group.

To download a referral form, click here. You should also complete and return our BeYou privacy promise.